Sunday, April 13, 2014

Jan Brett Author Study

Slowly and surely I'm getting caught up on sharing what my class has been learning! Tonight I wanted to share my kids' journals on our Jan Brett author study from January.

Here are some of the books we read:

I would read a book every other day and after reading the book, the kids would write about it in their journals or complete a graphic organizer:

Sadly, we didn't get to do extra activities because January was a crazy busy month AND we had a "snow day" and some delayed starts so it went by super fast! To wrap up our study, we illustrated our favorite Jan Brett books:

If you liked these activities, check out my author study unit on TpT which you can use with any author of your choice! 

Saturday, April 5, 2014

Learning about Inventors

Still trying to get caught up on sharing what my kids have been learning about this year! A few months ago (How is it already April???) we studied different inventors. The kids loved learning about inventors and their inventions and this excitement led to them writing about their own ideas for new inventions! 

We started the week by reading a book I created for my inventors unit:

Next the kids filled out webs with the names of inventors they had learned and their different inventions:

The next few days we watched movies on Thomas Edison and Alexander Graham Bell (love Discovery Education!). The kids then did a venn diagram comparing the two:

They also did a venn diagram comparing Lyda Newman and Garrett Morgan:

To review what we had learned, the kids drew examples of what each inventor invented:

 They even drew their own examples (Dr. Frankenstein was my favorite!):

They also worked on a book where they wrote about how different inventions help us:

stop so we won't crash 

brush our hair

Finally to end the week, the kids did a writing activity where they brainstormed ideas for their own inventions:

Hope you enjoyed checking out my kids' hard work! If you like any of these activities, click on the picture below to check out my unit on TpT!

Friday, April 4, 2014

All about Energy!

Need ideas for teaching about energy to your kinder or first grade students? Click on the picture below to download a copy of my free energy packet!

Includes 6 activities:
* Types of Energy web
* Using Energy student book
* Circuits experiment recording sheet
* Types of Energy flip books
* Types of Energy sort
* Saving energy writing activity

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Matter Experiments

Hi everyone! I wanted to share with you some of the fun things we did to learn about matter! It is my best-selling unit on TpT and definitely one of my favorite things I've created. The kids have so much fun learning about the different states of matter. For some reason, I forgot to take pictures of the written activities we did, but you can check out my previous post from a few years ago to see those.

We started off the week talking about the different states of matter: solid, liquid and gas. We identified things in our classroom and completed a sort.

My school tries to do several field trips for each quarter so we went to a local burger/ice cream fast food place to see matter change in action. The kids first got to examine liquid custard turn into solid custard. They also got to see how waffle cones are made and explore the freezer in the back of the store. They loved it!

Oh, and of course, they got their own little bowl of custard. YUM!

My favorite thing about my unit is the two fun experiments I like to do with the kids. First, we do an experiment about how liquids can change. I had the kids choose between strawberry and apple juice and we poured the juice in cups.

Then I placed the cups in the freezer and the kids wrote down their hypothesis of what they think will happen. The next day, we took the cups out and found that the liquid had turned to a solid. (Popsicles!!)

Our final experiment was examining what changes a solid can go through. We created four groups to see what is the fastest way to melt an ice cube. The kids each wrote down their hypothesis of what they thought would be the fastest. 

Then I had a group use the sun to melt it:

Another group used their hands:

Another group blew on the ice cube:

And finally, my last group just placed it on the table and watched it melt. (Poor guys! haha) We timed each group and found that using your hands is the fastest way to melt an ice cube! 

If you liked any of these activities, please click the picture below to check out my unit! 

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Tomie dePaola Author Study

Hey everyone! Are you on spring break? I am! And I am LOVING EVERY MINUTE!

I want to try and get caught up on my blogging before I head back to work. I'm so behind I can't even remember what all I still need to share about. I know I'm behind in sharing about our author studies so I'll start there.

Back in December we did an author study on Tomie dePaola:

We read so many wonderful books including Strega Nona, The Legend of the Bluebonnet and Tony's Bread. Here are some of my kids reading response journals: 

The kids also did a character web about Strega Nona and filled in a BME chart for the Legend of the Poinsettia

Finally, after reading The Legend of the Poinsettia, the kids made their own paper poinsettias: 

If you liked these activities, please check out my author study unit which you can use for any author: