Thursday, February 23, 2017

Reaching Our Goals - RTI Resources

As an Interventionist, RtI (Response to Intervention) is a huge part of my job. I create RtI plans for all my students where I create goals for them, track their progress and look at the data to see if an intervention is working or if it's time to make a change. If you work with me you know I LOVE data. I love organizing it and color coding. Excel makes me giddy. Even though I love keeping track of student data, I really wanted my kids to take more of a role in the process and look at their data WITH me. 

You might be in the world do kindergarten and first grade students do this? Well, let me show you! :) (all the resources I show you today are in my brand new RTI resources product on TpT!) 

Each of my students has a goals folder they use in my group. Every student has their own cover page where they wrote down if they are working on reading or math. 


The very first page of their folder has a sheet where they wrote down their goal for our group. We worked on this the very first week of group. I had them write down what subject we were working on and what they are working on. We talked about it together and brainstormed a list of ideas. I then let them choose one to write. 



I had my first graders dig a little deeper in their goal setting. We talked about HOW we were going to achieve our goals. They then wrote down two ways they could reach their goal. 

The next few pages in their folders are graphs where we keep track of their data. In my kindergarten groups we working on letter and sound identification in our first two quarters. I would give students a list of random letters and time them for a minute. The kids loved seeing their bars go up over time.

Now my kindergarten kiddos are working on reading CVC words. I once again time them for a minute but this time they are reading words. Their end of year goal is to be able to read 15 CVC words in a minute.

I have one first grade group also working on decoding words one at a time. They have a similar graph, but their end of year goal is 20 words in a minute. Their list also includes some sight words.

In the rest of my first grade reading groups we are reading entire books. I take a running record on each student every week and time them as they read. They then graph their fluency on their graphs. Each quarter we had a new goal to reach. In quarter one it was 30 wpm, in quarter two it was 40 wpm and right now it is 50 wpm. Their end of year goal is to read at 60 wpm. I drew a yellow line on their graph so they could see their quarter goal. They get pretty excited when they get to color over the line!

In my math groups I give a weekly four question assessment about the topic we worked on that week. My goal is for students to get at least 3 out of 4 questions correct. After they take a test they get to graph how many questions they got correct. 

My RtI resources product also includes lots of teacher materials you can use to organize data and lesson plan. Click on the picture below to check it out! First three people to comment with their email get a free copy!!


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Wonderful! This would make it easy for parents to watch their child's progress.

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What a fabulous resource!

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