Sunday, July 15, 2018

Upcoming TpT Products

Hi friends!

I know it's been forever and I'm so sorry about that. Last school year was so busy that blogging just took a back seat. Please be patient with me. I really want to make it a priority this year. I'm in the process of finishing up a few new products that I'm really excited about including:

* Number Sense Intervention Lessons for Numbers to 20 (8 weeks worth of lessons)
* K/1 Historical Figures Unit
* K/1 Text Features Unit
* ABC Task Cards

I'm hoping to get these up on TpT in the next few months. My Number Sense Unit is almost ready to post so you should be seeing a blog post about that soon! :-)

I did want to ask for some feedback from you guys. Is there anything you would like to see me create? What are you looking for on TpT that you can't find? Please comment below if you have any suggestions for me!

Hope everyone is having an amazing summer...I'm already back at work! BOO! JK. ;-) Having a shorter summer is hard this time of year but when my Fall Break rolls around I'll be as happy as can be. Enjoy your time off though! You deserve it!!!

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