Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Number of the Day

As a Reading and Math Interventionist, I work with small groups all day! I love it! In my Math groups I like to do a short warm-up before beginning my daily lesson. In my first grade groups last semester, our warm-up was a number of the day activity. I wanted my students to be working on number sense every day and I like using number of the day to keep these skills strong.

I created a booklet for students with a coversheet that included a 120s chart on it. We would fill in one page each day with a different number. I put one copy of the daily page in a plastic sleeve so I could have an example for students to copy as we filled it out together.


Here are a few examples of finished pages:


I have created a new TpT product that includes the cover sheet and four different ideas for number of the day activities. Click HERE to check it out on TpT! 

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