Monday, July 2, 2012

Summer Countdown - Part 2

And I'm back for part 2! :)

If you missed my last post, I shared the activities from my countdown to summer unit for the last few days of school. We started a countdown the last two weeks of school and did an activity each day that corresponded with that number. I left off with day 8 so now it's on to...

7 Days Left: Seven Secret Shapes
I partnered each kid up and gave them a blank sheet. Each student drew 7 shapes on their sheet and then switched with their partner. They then turned their partner's shapes into a picture. They turned out so cute! :) 





6 Days Left: Six School Poems
I remember taking pictures of my kids' poems, but I cannot find them anywhere. Whoops! Basically, I gave the kids a book of different kind of poem templates and let them write what they wanted about school using them. The different poem types I included were haiku, acrostic, alphabet, limerick, rhyme and cinquain. 

5 Days Left: Five Fun Graphs
We reviewed graphs and collecting data on this day. I let the kids take their book of graphs and go around the room and ask other students as they pleased. It was kind of chaotic, but it turned out well. The kids filled in graphs about their favorite subject, specials, seasons and field trips. Then they answered questions about their data. They could also create their own question and collect data on a subject of their choice. 



4 Days Left: Four Fantastic Friends
For this activity I partnered the kids up and they interviewed each other. They then wrote a short description of the person they interviewed. This actually took a couple days to finish in order to get everyone to interview four friends. After they finished all four, they got to choose one to share out with at the carpet. 



3 Days Left: Three Summer Wishes

On this day we talked about things we wanted to do over the summer. The kids then wrote about three things they hoped they could do in the summer. I said they could be things that could actually happen or they knew would happen OR something that most likely wouldn't happen but would be awesome! :) 

2 Days Left: Two Terrific Talents
Today we talked about things we do really well and what makes us special. Then I had the kids draw and write about two things they consider to be their talents.



1 Day Left: One Outstanding Student
We made it!! Our last day was filled with food and parties and movies and fun! I was able to fit in one small craft and writing activity though! The kids made a cartoon version of themselves and wrote about all they accomplished this year. They turned out really cute! Of course, I hung them up to take a picture and forgot to give them to the kids before they left. OOPS! :) 



Here are some other activities we did at the end of the year that also come from my unit!

Next Year in 2nd Grade Class Book:



1st Grade Memory Book:






This Summer Class Book:



This Year I Learned Class Book:



Hope you enjoyed my end of year activities! I head back to work next week!! AHH!! The kids start on the 24th so I'll be back soon with back to school activities for you guys! Stay tuned for a giveaway!! 

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I absolutely love this! Thanks for sharing your pictures. It's really a great unit.

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