Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Summer Countdown - Part 1

So sorry guys! Summer came and my brain did a full shut-down! :) Just started summer school for grad school last week so I'm back to being somewhat productive.  I wanted to share with you guys what my class did for the last two weeks of school (if I can remember that far back! haha)

We used activities from my countdown to summer unit. We started a countdown the last two weeks of school and did an activity each day that corresponded with that number. My first activity goes with 15 days left, but I was out that day so we didn't do it. (The activity is Fifteen Fancy Flashcards, where you give each kid 15 note cards and have them choose 15 sight words to write and decorate)

14 Days Left: Fourteen Fascinating Facts
Each student got to pick an animal they want to write fourteen facts about using either their prior knowledge or books from our classroom library. Then they drew a picture of their animal in its habitat. This actually took up a couple days to do, but the kids loved it! (For the second set, its two different kids. I took a picture of the wrong paper for panda bears - that student didn't draw a picture of a giraffe on the back! haha)


13 Days Left: Thirteen Thankful Thoughts
For this activity, students wrote down 13 things they were thankful for on their web. They then chose one of their thoughts to write about. It was awesome to hear the kids talk about what they were thankful for especially when it was about me! haha :)


12 Days Left: Twelve Tongue Twisters
Today we read Dr. Seuss' book "Oh Say Can You Say" for some fun examples of tongue twisters. The kids loved laughing at me as I attempted to say them fast! :) We talked about how some tongue twisters have rhyming words and others have words that start with the same letters. Then I just let them give it a try! Here are a couple the kids came up with...

11 Days Left: Eleven Excellent Equations
With eleven days left, the kids got to create their own number sentences. I had them create 5 addition, 5 subtraction and one number sentence of their choice. It was great way to review addition and subtraction!


10 Days Left: Ten Tiny Toes

We had lots of fun on day ten! I let the kids take their shoes off for the whole day and they were super excited! The writing activity involved them tracing their foot, drawing a place they would go to if they could walk anywhere and writing about it.


9 Days Left: Nine Nifty Numbers

Today's activity is all about numbers! I gave each student a nifty numbers book with nine blank charts. I let the kids pick any numbers they wanted and they had to answer the four questions about each number: draw with tens and ones, write a number sentence, write in expanded form and is the number even or odd.



8 days left was Eight Exhausting Exercises and we had field day a few days later so I decided to just count that for our activity. :)

I need to get back to my homework for school so I'll leave you wanting more! I promise I won't wait A MONTH to post the second half of our activities. Click on the picture below if you are interested in my end of school unit! (even though its summer already! haha) 

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