Thursday, July 14, 2011

Summer is over!

Well, all the teachers headed back to work today! :-/ This is the time of year when I'm not a fan of year-round teaching. My summer goes by so fast! Of course, I'll be living it up in September/October with my two week fall break so it's all worth it.

I'm getting really excited to see my kiddos next week! I hope they come to Meet the Teacher Night even though most of them have already "met" me. ;-) I have so much to do before then....fortunately my classroom is pretty much done. I just have a few small things to do. I will be posting pictures soon of my classroom when I finish decorating. I have decided to go with an ocean theme this year! I've never done a theme before so it's pretty exciting. If you have any ideas for cute ocean decorations let me know. I've been braninstorming a few (crepe paper "seaweed" hung from the ceiling and blue saran wrap on the windows for waves) and found a couple ideas on BUT I'm always up for hearing more!

Hope you are all enjoying your summer!

School Countdown: 11 days until the first day of school!


Camille said...

Hi Kim! In the spring my class was studying fish in science, so I created an ocean theme in my class. One of the things I did was have my students create art for the theme. I don't think I can post pictures here, but I will try to put some on my blog asap. A wonderful resource was "Directed Drawing Volume 4: Sealife" by ABC Schoolhouse on TPT. Students got to pick a color of construction paper (the paper was about 9 X 12 - I just cut the large pieces of construction paper in half). Then they followed my directed drawing instructions and cut the fish out themselves. We used their directions for several different sea animals. My students did a great job! I had already used blue butcher paper to make a large ocean on our windows, so I just taped their fish up. Adorable!
An Open Door

Busy Bees said...

I did an ocean theme not too long ago. I found an ocean shower curtain and used it for my door decorations as you entered our room, we had a rock/sand area where the kids picked a rock and painted it with their name on it. We had a blast with it.