Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Under the Sea

I have been SO bad about blogging this year. It is already the third week of school and I wanted to get in the habit of posting once a week! Oh well, better late than never I suppose. I have a lot to catch up on, but I suppose I will start with my sea themed room!

I had never done a theme before in my classroom so I was excited to try one this year. I have several students who love ocean life (one boy in particular is OBSESSED with squids! haha) so I decided to make an under the sea classroom!

First I tackled my student work display board, which I decided to name Star Students and decorate with starfish. I will print out pictures of the kids and glue them to the clothes pins. I love having the kids work all over my room!

My own creative idea was to make seaweed hanging from the ceiling. I stapled DJ inkers sea life to the sea weed to make it more "ocean-y"

I added more DJ inkers sea life to our door.

Our classroom library looks very beachy, especially with the chicka chicka boom boom tree. :) I love the crab pillow from Target's dollar spot. The cute beach mats from Target didn't last long (what did I expect since they were only a dollar). We got our new rug from DonorsChoose so we don't need the mats anyway! :)

I added some ocean fun to our calendar wall. I used an ocean theme from Littlest Learners.

My favorite part of the room has to be the bulletin board we made! I got the idea for the craft on pinterest! We basically used our hand prints to make sea animals. First we painted our hands and placed a hand print on paper. I let them choose between a fish or a jellyfish (they used two hands for that):

After it dried, I had them decorate it by adding eyes, a mouth and gills:

I put them all up on our board and added a snazzy title! :)

Will be posting more soon! :) Stay tuned for first week of school activities!

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Stinkerbell said...

So creative! Kaitlin really loves it. You picked a great theme. :)