Friday, May 27, 2011

ABC Countdown Part 3: Q-Z

It is SUMMER! I can hardly believe this year is over. It went by so fast! Our last day of school was yesterday, but I still had to go into school for a few hours this morning to clean up my classroom. After I finished I jumped in the car and went to visit my parents in Katy. What is the first thing I did when I arrived there? Took a long nap! :)

I wanted to share with you the rest of our ABC countdown because I KNOW you have been waiting in anticipation. :)

Q - Q was Quiet quilt day. I let the kids bring in a blanket and a book or two from home. Everyone spread out their blankets during reading time and read their books on the floor.

R- R day was all about rocks! Another one of my amazing teammates, Amanda, lent me a box of cool rocks to share with my kids. Each of my students got two rocks and their job was to draw and describe their rocks. Then they used a balance to decide which rock was heavier.

S- S day was supposed to be all about spiders, but I thought it was silly song day so we sang a lot of songs! (We did sing the itsy bitsy spider though so it all worked out haha!) The last Friday of school we had a Kindergarten Brunch program for the parents. We had each kindergarten class sing a song for their parents. My class did Deep in the Heart of Texas so we practiced it a lot on this day. I was so proud of them when they performed for their parents. The kids really enjoyed learning the song and they continued to sing it until the last day of school. :) Speaking of Texas...

T- T day was all about our great state of Texas! The week before we had done a whole unit on Texas. We also went on a fun study trip to Little Buckaroo Ranch where we learned all about taking care of ranch animals. The kids got to see the horses being fed, get "fish kisses", pet a rooster, feed some goats, groom a miniature horse and watch the mini horse do tricks. To end the trip we all got to roast marshmallows. The kids had a blast! Here are couple cute pics from the day!

The theme of our kindergarten brunch was rodeo so I had my kids make some centerpiece decorations for our tables. I found an adorable Texas flag craft in a Texas unit by April Larramore. I painted the kids hands to look like a Texas flag and they pressed their hand onto paper. They turned out really cute!

U- U day was our un-birthday party! I brought in cupcakes and drinks to celebrate everyone's birthday! We also sang happy birthday to our three summer birthday friends since we would not be with them on their birthday.

V- V Day was Very Vegetarian Day.....dropped the ball on this one and didn't do anything. No matter how hard you plan, everything doesn't always get done! But life goes on! ;-)

W- W Day was Wizard of Oz day! We talked about if anyone had seen the movie and what they knew about the story. We then read a picture book of the Wizard of Oz and the kids wrote about their favorite part. Here are few examples:

My favorite part of the Wizard of Oz was when Dorothy crushed the witch.

My favorite part of the Wizard of Oz was when the tornado swept the house.

My favorite part of the Wizard of Oz was when the nice witch helped the girl!

X- X Day was X-changing autographs day. My students created a memory book for the end of the year and the last page was an autograph page. I will write more about the memory book in another post! :)

Y- Y Day was Yoga day...and I have to admit I forgot to do yoga that day. We did do yoga back on healthy heart day and the kids loved it!

Z - Z Day was Zoom through the year day! We finished up our memory books and the kids got to take them home. I also had them write about their favorite part of the year. Here are a few:

My favorite field trip was all of them because they were fun.

It was a sunny day, perfect to go on a field trip. We went to the donut shop. My mom was there.

My favorite part of the time of school was Valentine's Day. I was with my parents. I was happy. I liked it.

I loved the jumpy house. I felt happy. I was with ______.

I loved Krispy Kreme because it had sprinkles. I love Krispy Kreme everyday and it is yummy.

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