Tuesday, May 31, 2011

My class needs a new rug!

I have been wanting a classroom rug for a while now that would fit all my students. The one I have is too small plus it's starting to unravel and come apart from too much "love." I found a rug I loved at Lakeshore Learning, but it was WAY too expensive for me to get by myself. My teammate Sam told me about Donorschoose.org where you can post a project you want funded and your friends, family and even strangers can donate. I posted our rug a little over a month ago and we are already SUPER close to finishing! We only need $80 now!

I want to thank all the people who have already donated: Sam, Jessica, Keri, J's aunt, Liz, cousin Jessica, Allison, Dad, Kitty, Brianna, Brenda and Justin. Thank you SO much for your generosity! My kids are going to LOVE this rug.

We do still need a little more money so if you would like to donate please click HERE! I would really appreciate it!

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