Thursday, January 15, 2009

pictures! YAY!

Today was a fun, but exhausting day.

In the morning, we did an "Around the Word" field trip where the kids first saw this awesome slide show of pictures from all 7 continents. (One of my co-workers students has grandparents who have been to all 7 continents!!! They showed us beautiful pictures) Then the kids went to each classroom in our portable to visit a different continent. My continent was Africa (specifically the country Senegal) and I talked to the kids about music and making jewelry. The kids got to play the djembe and I taught them an African dance I had learned from my roommate who had studied abraod in Senegal. After they got to make their own jewelry (rings) out of beads and jewelry. Way fun!

The classes rotated from classroom to classroom visiting different continents: they went to Africa, Asia (China), Europe (Sweden) and Australia.

Here's a fun picture of me jammin' with my kids....wish I could show you my kids, but alas, I CANNOT! :)

Today was also fun/interesting because the kids and I did a science experiment for the science fair next week. Let me tell took FOREVER. Our project was on what liquid melts ice the fastest. We did hot cholate, water, sprite and tea - all at room temperature. Let me tell takes FOREVER for ice to melt in those. The shortest took 19 minutes (sprite by the way, if you care haha!) We did them all at the same time thankfully...16 Kinder and 1st graders sitting on the ground for over half an hour isn't pretty. We made it though! Here's some cute shots of the kids working away...

My job does have its perks...but I wish I didn't feel so exhausted at the end of the week! Sheesh!

No teaching tomorrow! :) I'm off to a conference! WOO!

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