Tuesday, January 13, 2009

the miracle of christmas

so you might believe you know the miracle of christmas...the joy and cheer in the air, the spirit of giving, the amazing virgin birth of our Lord Jesus Christ. sure, these may be well-known miracles of christmas....but i have discovered another one. a wonderful one.

the miracle of christmas is....my kids are actully BEHAVING!

yes, that's right my faithful blog readers- MY KIDS ARE BEING GOOD.

the past 5 days i have taught have been magical. i've actually felt like i've been teaching. no, scratch that, i have actually ENJOYED teaching! :)

i'm just holding my breath that this lasts! haha!

i'm also VERY glad that my kiddos are growing up b/c even though there's less stress in the classroom....my job is continuing to stress me out. spring break can't come soon enough....

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