Tuesday, January 6, 2009

lifting my spirits

i came into work Monday morning with a joyful heart.

i left angry, frustrated and exhausted.

i hate that. i really do. i just don't understand why i have to let others' negativity get me down. that's another thing i want to work on - be encouraging to others and not listen to negativity. yes, we are all stressed. yes, there is TOO much work. yes, we already need a break after 2 days (hah!) but we will make it. we will.

i'm so thankful i work with so many passionate teachers who want to do the best job possible. i am truly amazed that i get to work with these people. it saddens me that many of them are feeling overwhelmed (myself included) but instead of worrying about it tho, i want to pray about it and let it go. God can handle it. :)

i've decided tomorrow is going to be a great day. i'm going to see my kids. we are going to have fun. if we learn something, that's a bonus! ;-)

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