Wednesday, July 16, 2008

anxiously awaiting

I am officially a Texas resident.

Well, not completely...I still have random "adult" things to take care of. My car, for instance, is still half Oklahoman. Ugh. (Man, it's expensive and annoying to be an adult! hah!) But I am here for good now, so that's something.

I am incredibly excited about everything that is coming up, but at the same time, I am getting more and more anxious. I am having trouble sleeping because I keep thinking about everything. My mind is just racing.

I think things will be better when my room is ready and I just dive straight in to teaching. Right now, the waiting is killing me.

Just a few more days...

Staff Development: 5 more days
School Starts: 19 more days!!!

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Lindsay said...

Oh Kim. Sounds sort of like a Roller Coaster at the moment but things will get better. I think that you're meant to be a teacher & when the time comes you'll be ready. It's so sad to hear you say you're there for good but I'm overjoyed for you at the same time.I'm glad your exited about having students but it's them that should feel exited about you! We'll miss you in Kansas City!Take care & keep us updated.

Lindsay S.