Tuesday, July 8, 2008

the shortest summer of my life

In a few short weeks, I will be a teacher. Not a kid playing school with her stuffed animals. Not a 4th grader dressed in an apple jumper grading her friends on career day. Not even a college senior in student teaching. I will be a full-fledged, real-life teacher.

And I'm terrified.

But, oh, so excited. I have waited for this my entire life, since I was four. The chance to work with children and guide them on a path of loving to learn. Working with kids is my passion, and I have been blessed by God to have the chance to achieve my dream at such a young age. I know this next year is going to be rough. It is going to be anything but easy. But the truth is, I can't wait to face these challenges. To learn each day and know that I have the chance to do what I love.

This blog is going to be sort of an outlet for me. A chance to keep you guys updated on my first year of teaching. I know the only way I will survive this next year will be with the support of those I love. I will keep you updated on the good, the bad and the hilarious. (Things are always funny with little kids) I hope you enjoy....

Staff Development starts on July 21st: 12 days left of summer!
School starts on August 4th: 26 days to go!

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