Thursday, July 24, 2008

development of the staff

yep, i'm officially employed. and staff development has begun!

it's weird. it still hasn't hit me that i'm an actual teacher. that i'm actually PART of the STAFF. i still feel like i'm a student observing. i feel so inadequate to all the amazing educators i get to work with.

but it is slowly sinking in.

my mind is completely exhausted from all this learning i'm doing....staff training is exhausting, but also very refreshing and exciting. i've never been more excited to work with a group of people in my life. i immediately felt comfortable in this setting (it didn't hurt that i knew more than half the people coming into the job....haha) today i actually got up in a ridiculous costume and sang and dance in front of my entire staff. and it was fun! i have been able to share and be myself. i also truly believe this school supports my beliefs in how to teach children.

and yet....

the stupid anxiety creeps in. i have to force myself to pray and think positively. take a day at a time. i can't seem to slow my mind down. i have a to do list the length of my drive home to oklahoma. i just want to trust God to give me the strength and knowledge to do this. HE WILL! i just have to remind myself every day (or every hour it seems lately...)

one day at a time....

School Starts in 11 days!!!

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