Sunday, September 11, 2016

My Classroom

I have been meaning to write a post about my new classroom/office, but it's been a busy time of year so I kept putting it off! Even though many of you just started school a few weeks ago, I've been back at work since mid July! My school is year-round so we have a short summer and breaks after each 9 weeks. My Fall Break is coming in 2 weeks! HOORAY!

I wrote earlier that I have changed positions again. I'm still a Reading and Math Interventionist, but now I work mainly with Kinder and 1st grade students. (The last year and a half I worked with 2nd and 3rd graders.) I enjoyed working with different grades but I am so happy to be back with the little ones. I was a K/1 teacher for six and a half years so that's where I'm truly happy.

In addition to K/1, I also work with students with dyslexia in 2nd and 3rd. I have loved learning more about dyslexia and learning ways to teach them to read. It's amazing to see their hard work pay off! Learning to read is quite amazing! 

Since I changed positions, I moved offices at my school. I love my new office! It actually has windows! WOO! It is separated into two areas. The front area I use as my classroom where I meet with my small groups.

Here's the view when you first come in. I have a small table for my groups to sit and I use the cube bookcase to store my supplies for each group. 


Here's the view looking from the other way:

I have a TON of books for my classroom library so I'm glad I have room to store some of them in my classroom. I had to take a bunch home though. I just LOVE books. The kids use this area some when I'm doing a one-on-one assessment. They love to read to my octopus and Dory stuffed animals:

In the back of my classroom is a little office area. I have to do a lot of data entry and RTI plans so this is where I do most of that. I added a little display of my classroom pictures from when I was a classroom teacher: 


Hope you enjoyed the tour! I'm going to try my hardest to post more. My plan is to try and post twice a week: Math Mondays and Fun with Reading Fridays. We'll see how it goes! :)

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