Friday, August 26, 2016

Fun with ABCs!

Happy Back to School!!

I know this week was the first week back for a lot of teachers! I've actually been back to school for five weeks now! My school has a short summer, but a two week fall break and two week spring break! My fall break is in a month and I am so excited! :)

I've just added a new unit all about ABCs! I've changed positions back to K/1 (I'm still an Interventionist but now working with my favorite grades) so I'm doing LOTS of work with the ABCs. I've created a unit with games and activities dealing with letters and their sounds. Please check it out by clicking on the picture below.

First three people to comment with their email address gets a free copy!! 

Stay tuned for some updates on my new position! :) 


christine said...

I think I would LOVE your school calendar…Fall is beautiful in my part of the country and I'd love to be able to enjoy it!
Have a great year!

Anonymous said...

Hi Kim,
I've been working on the alphabet with my little ones here in Portugal and your new ideas for games and worksheets seems exciting! Good luck with everything! Jacqui