Monday, January 20, 2014

Steve Jenkins Author Study

I am WAY behind on sharing what we have been learning this year. This week I'm going to try my best to get caught up!

WAAAAAAY back in October my class did an author study on Steve Jenkins. He is a nonfiction writer and my kids were SO into his books. They loved learning new things about the earth, animals and much more! I updated my author study unit to include nonfiction activities.

Our study began like our others where each student got their own author study journal. Instead of reading reflections, there were more graphic organizers including KWL charts, webs and paper to make lists.

Here are the books we read by Steve Jenkins, plus a few more!

Here are a few examples of my kid's nonfiction writing:

At the end of October we made a class book where the kids chose their favorite topic from Steve Jenkins' books:

If you liked these activities, please click on the picture below to check out my author study unit! It also includes activities for fiction books! 

Going to try and get caught up on entries this week! Here is what you can look forward to: economics, leo lionni author study, tomie depaola author study, energy and matter! Woo hoo! :) 

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