Saturday, January 4, 2014

Holiday Fun in First Grade

Well, I figured since I go back to work on Monday, I should probably post about what we did for Christmas…I can't believe how fast this break went. I had such a restful time and it was very needed! 

The two weeks before break, my kids and I learned about holiday traditions in our own families and different ones from around the world. Check out my winter holidays unit or my new reindeer games unit for ideas! 

I love learning about what my kids do with their families for the holidays. We started our two week unit on customs and celebrations by talking about their favorite traditions for the holidays. We made a class chart where I recorded the kids' traditions. 

First we talked about decorating Christmas trees and everyone got to decorate their own Christmas tree craft:

We also talked about giving gifts so the kids wrote about one of their favorite gifts they ever received:

And of course we wrote about our favorite traditions:

At the end of the week we made a class book about our favorite things about Christmas:

(open presents with my family)

(being with my elf and family)

(Jesus' birthday)

(I spend time with my family)

Of course we did holiday-themed literacy and math activities. A couple of reading activities included making words with Merry Christmas:

A sight word search:

and a Reindeer sight word game:

 A fun writing/craft activity we did was where the kids wrote a story about their own reindeer and created a reindeer head for the cover:

(Alex, hide-and-seek)
Rudolph, Monopoly

Rudolph is very brave and sweet and has a red nose.
He likes to catch snowflakes on his tongue. 

In math we did several holiday-related activities including a reindeer addition and subtraction matching game:

 And holiday lights patterns:

The last few days before break were absolutely crazy! I barely took any pictures. I did snap a photo of the cute snowman craft my kids did. It turned out adorable!

Our kids got out on Thursday that week and it was a half day so the week went by so quick! Monday was filled with finishing up activities about holiday traditions and making crafts. Tuesday gingerbread house day! The kids made their own gingerbread houses where they graphed how many pieces of candy they used to make it:

Wednesday we holidays around the world rotations! The kids traveled to other teacher's classrooms where they learned about how different countries celebrate the holidays. They learned about Germany, New Zealand and Mexico. It was super fun! (No pictures sadly…it went by so fast!)

That afternoon we watched Polar Express and drank hot chocolate. Oh, and it was pajama day! I love coming to school in my pj pants! :)

Finally, Thursday was our holiday party. The kids had a breakfast party, played holiday bingo and made a candy cane craft. We also did a fun book exchange. 

Somehow I survived the crazy week and it was a two week break! Now it's 2014 and it's back to work on Monday. Wish me luck! Hope I can wake up! :)

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