Friday, October 25, 2013

Terrific Timelines! (FREEBIE!)

All this week we were studying timelines and focusing on the vocabulary words of past, present and future. I created a freebie with all the activities in this post so CLICK HERE to get your own!

To start the week we talked about what a timeline is and how to make one. We created a class timeline together where we brainstormed events from our year so far. Then the kids illustrated it and we hung it up in the classroom:

The next day the kids got to make their own timelines! We started by writing down six events from their life. For number one they put their birthday and then chose five more events to write about. We talked about how the events needed to be in order of when they happened.

Next they illustrated each event on their own timeline. I taped their pages together to create their finished timeline. They turned out so cute!

Next we did a president timeline activity where we put 6 presidents in order of when they were president. 

 Our final activity was a past, present and future book. We talked about how the past is something that has already happened, the present is happening now and the future is what will happen. The kids chose an event for each word and illustrated it.

(was in my mom's stomach)

(started first grade)

(celebrated Valentine's Day)

(am at school)

(am writing the book)

(am working on a book)

(get baptized)

(go to a fancy dinner)

(do Halloween)

 Hope you enjoyed our social studies learning from this week! Make sure to go HERE to get your own copy of these activities for FREE! 

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Thanks so much! These are great ideas!

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