Thursday, October 17, 2013

Fun with Mo Willems

This year my team and I have planned on doing an author study each month and so far it has been a huge success! As I wrote about in an earlier post, in August we studied Kevin Henkes! In September we read tons and tons of books by Mo Willems and had tons of fun doing it! 

Here are the books we got to read together last month and I recommend every single one! 

After reading each book we would do different activities such as discussing our observations, wonderings and connections or responding in our journals. Here are a few examples:

(My favorite character is the pigeon)

(They shared the hot dog)

(likes hot dogs, shares, angry, loud, funny, silly)

(When Trixie said, "Glaggle, Aggle Plaggle") 

(I like the part where they lost knuffle bunny and went to the Laundromat and ran past)

(Gerald is funny because there's a bird on his head)

We also watched several DVDs of Mo Willems' books and many of the characters (including the pigeon) were voiced by Mr. Willems, himself! We also watched some interviews with him and the kids really enjoyed learning about him as an author. 

We did several crafts throughout the month including a pigeon hat:


and a Gerald and piggy craft:

At the end of the month we wrote about our favorite characters and books. Here are some of my favorites: 

Just like with Kevin Henkes, I really wanted to share at least one book by Mo Willems in Spanish. This time I attempted to read it to my kids and my sweet bilingual kiddos said I did a pretty good job (They are great liars!) La Paloma encuentra un pedro client was an excellent read! 

I have an author study unit on TpT that can be used with any author. I just added some nonfiction activities so make sure to check it out by clicking the picture below! 

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