Thursday, August 8, 2013

Rules & Laws

I can hardly believe our second week of school is almost over! I know most of you are going to start soon so I wanted to share what we have been up to this week: learning all about rules and laws! I used several activities from my new Rules & Laws unit. We started the week off reading the short book I wrote in the unit:

Next, we talked about examples of rules and laws. We learned that rules are things we follow to keep us safe. Laws are rules that all people in a community must follow. We brainstormed examples of each and the kids filled out webs: 




The next day we read one of my favorite books, David Goes to School. The kids read along with me and we laughed a lot! 

I then gave the kids a sheet where they chose a rule, illustrated themselves following the rule and also what would happen if no one followed that rule:

(helping others)

(clean up my room)

(pick up books)

The next day we talked about how there are different rules depending on the setting (school, home, playground, etc.) The kids worked on a rule book where they had to write and illustrate a rule for each setting:  

(Don't run from school)

(Raise your hand)

(Listen to your Mom)

(No throwing rocks)

(Sit down and do not stand up)

Today I read them one of my favorite books about rules: Please Play Safe! Penguin's Guide to Playground Safety. We just got a new playground so this book was a perfect way to review safety on the playground. 

Finally we created a class book about why we need rules:

(we can stay safe and we can't be mean)

(we could be safe and work and make us happy)

(it helps us be safe)

(something bad could happen)

We had a great time learning about rules! If you liked these activities, check out my unit by clicking on the picture below! First two people to comment will get a free copy! Don't forget to include your email! 


Lori Alford said...

Love your rules ideas!

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Although it's not August, I'm very interested in this bundle. Did you ever give it away?

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Teacher111 said...

Nice way to make connections! Love your ideas.