Thursday, July 4, 2013

Author Study Ideas

Well, my blog background and header were looking crazy and I couldn't fix it so I just started again. Hopefully, everything stays lined up this time! :)

I'm finally done with summer school so I'm getting back into making materials for school this coming year. I really want to do a monthly author study so I decided to create materials to supplement that. I have tried author studies in the past but never kept with them because I didn't have a set plan. I wanted to share my ideas with you guys so I put my ideas up on TpT. Click on the picture to check it out!

Now the product itself does not have much clip art or designs because I wanted to keep it generic and usable for any author. As soon as my class completes a study each month, I'll post what we have done on here. Very excited to do this with my kids this year! 

First three people to comment with their email will get a free copy! 


Michele said...

Would love this! Thanks!

Unknown said...

You are going to laugh this is what I have been working on last night. I pulled out which KCC standards I want to focus on. Next I made/pulled templates to help focus me on the standard's objective.

I am with you on not keeping up. Every year I get through a few, always Seuss, Carle, Keats, and Shannon; but I am not focused. This year I WILL complete Williams, Brett, and maybe Numeroff also.

I was thinking of a little suitcase idea for the kids to keep a memento from each author. I am not sure.

I would love to see your idea packet and share my thoughts about what I plan to do with you.

Today I am going to pull a picture of each author and make a header for that author's bulletin board. Wish me luck.


rhelt said...

This looks great!