Thursday, September 8, 2011

Map Activity

Here's a short activity I did with my kids to talk about different kinds of maps during our map unit. I also wanted to review different vocabulary words that they often mix up (like city and state). I made a fill-in-the blank book using word and images from google. I had the kids fill in the name for the continent, country, state and state we live in, and color the map.

On the last page I had the kids draw where they lived and fill in the blank with either house or apartment.

We did this at the end of our unit after talking about map keys, symbols and the compass rose and completing several activities creating and reading maps. I wish I could tell you ALL of my kids are geography experts now, but they still tend to answer "TEXAS!" when I ask what country we live in or "AUSTIN!" when I ask what state we live in.

Oh well...close enough, right? :)

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