Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Apple Unit

Along with our plant unit we did a short apple unit. Since I was doing plants during science, I mainly used these apple activities during reading and math. I got many of my activities from Deanna Jump's apple unit. First I read her book, Who took the Apples from the Apple Tree? The kids absolutely LOVED it! We then made our own class book and it is by far the most popular class book. The kids loved my drawing at the end....I love to hear them giggling as they read it in the library center.

We also read an apple poem that goes to the tune of I'm a Little Teapot. I found it here along with several other cute apple poems and fingerplays.

After decorating the front, a few of my kids drew some adorable pictures on the back.

We also did several word problems that were apple-themed. When I have students do word problems, I do not tell them how to solve the problem, but instead let them come up with their own strategies. At the end of math, I let a few kids share their ideas so the rest of the class can learn from each other. As a way to differentiate, I leave blanks in my questions so kids can insert higher and higher numbers.

First problem: Student 1 ate 2 apples and Student 2 ate some apples. They ate 4 apples altogether. How many apples did Student 1 eat?

Second problem: Student 1 has 6 apples. She wants to share with Student 2. If she and Student 2 get the same amount of apples, how many apples will each girl get?

My favorite activity was also from Deanna's unit. She had a short apple poem craft that went from eating an apple to planting the seeds that grow into a tree.

Coming Soon: Family Unit!


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Melissa said...

What is the apple poem say on the bottom? That looks like a cute idea! Love the teapot apple song! Thanks!