Wednesday, May 11, 2011

ABC Countdown Part 2: I-P

Let the Countdown continue!

I - I day was Incredible Ice Cream day! We talked about the different states of matter (liquid, solid, gas) as we made homemade ice cream. First we mixed all the ingredients together and observed that it was a liquid. I gave them each a small bag of the mix and placed it in a larger bag of ice and salt. They then shook the bag for a few minutes (it got water EVERYWHERE! haha):

After a few minutes, there was some delicious homemade vanilla ice cream! We also saw that it was now a solid! Science is delicious!

J- J day was Jolly Joke day. I took this day off (personal fun day!) and I was lame and didn't plan anything for it. We joke around pretty much 24/7 in my classroom so really EVERY day is Jolly Joke Day! :)

K- K day was Kid Kindness day. Also too this day off (more fun!) BUT I actually do try to incorporate kindness into our everyday classroom culture. I did have my sub read the book How Full is Your Bucket? by Tom Rath and Mary Reckmeyer. It's a story about a young boy learning how his actions affect others' feelings. Super cute book! :) Also, at least once a week, during our community circle time, I have my students share appreciations for each other (ex. I appreciate ______ because she helped me when I got hurt. I appreciate _______ because he shared his markers with me in the art center). We talk about how these appreciations make us feel and how we should give them to each other often.

L - L day is Letters at Lunch Day, and it was supposed to be a time to write a letter to a classmate and deliver the note to them at lunch, BUT I bought this cute end of year writing book from Mrs. Lochridge on TpT (teachers pay teachers) and it had an adorable page to write to your teacher. I was selfish and had them write to me! :) Here are a few of them:

You are the best teachers because you let us use pretty stickers. Because you are also the best teacher. (I like how she had to emphasize that I am the BEST!)

You are the best teacher in the world. You be nice to us. You are sweet to me. I like Kindergarten. (umm...can you say AWWW???)

I like you. You are my favorite teacher. I want to spend time with you. My friends like you. (My goodness....I love my kids! hehe)

And finally, this kid gets right to the point....

I like you. :)

M - M Day was Marvelous Mother's Day. We had been working on mother's day stuff all week! (actually all year!) My kids made cookbooks (filled with recipes we used all year for ABC cooking) for the moms and decorated the cover with a picture of them cooking with their mom. They also drew a picture of their mom and decorated a frame with stickers.

N - N Day was Nifty Numbers Day. I had math centers all about numbers that day: making numbers using wiki sticks, tracing numbers with white erase markers and writing numbers to 100. Not too exciting, but HEY, I still need to teach number recognition right? :)

O - O Day was Outstanding Student Day. I gave the kids awards in the morning (ex. Awesome Author award, Math Monster award, Great Helper award, etc.) and they were so excited! It was so cute to see them come up to accept the award and have everyone else clap for them. :)

P - Popular Popcorn Words Day. After an exhausting (BUT FUN) field trip today, I took my kids to my (once again) fabulous teammate Samantha's room to pop some popcorn and use them to build sight words. The kids were much more interested in eating the popcorn than spelling words, but oh well! They had a good time!

Well, you are all caught up with us...only a few letters left and you know what that means....SUMMER! :) Stay tuned!

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