Saturday, April 9, 2011

Ten Things I Have Learned from Teaching

I've been OBSESSED with teacher websites lately and a lot of them have been posting 10 things they have learned from teaching so I thought I would jump on the bandwagon....

10. You are ALWAYS hungry for dinner before 5 (because you eat before 11 AM) and you are ALWAYS tired on Friday nights.

9. A teacher's job is NOT over at 3:30 when the kids leave. In fact, it is never over.

8. Sharing is a life-saver....don't re-invent the wheel! Borrow from your colleagues and other teachers you know! Don't forget to use many ideas and free stuff out there! USE IT!

7. Always over-plan and be flexible. The activities you think will take a long time never do and the ones you need to finish up quickly seem to take the longest.

6. There will be kids and parents who don't like you (maybe even HATE you)....but there are WAY, WAY more who LOVE you so just let it go. :)

5. You will make mistakes. Daily. Learn from them and grow!

4. Never walk into a teacher supply store expecting to only pick up one or two things....that never happens.

3. The kids ARE learning....even if you think they aren't.

2. Kids DO say the darndest things!

1. Your first year will be HELL, but you will learn more in that year than any other.
After surviving that, you can do anything! :)

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