Thursday, September 11, 2008


well, i hoped for a good day today. unfortunately "good" doesn't quite describe it.

i need to stop being so down on my work. i need to look at the positive.

1. writing is going awesome. kids are writing. i already see improvement. very little behavior problems.

2. reading to the kids = my favorite. they are always mesmerized and perfect while i read a book. and i love to hear their reactions to books. LOVE IT

3. the kids practiced for student-led conferences today and they did a great job....they are ready and it will all be fine. maybe things will get better after conferences (you never know....)


number 4 is the most important....

i went back to georgetown today and it was absolutely wonderful. gosh, i miss that place. it's funny how ready i was to get out of there, and now that i'm "out" all i want to do is be back. i spent time with my phi lamb sisters last weekend and tonight. i miss them so much. sigh....gotta grow up sometime i guess. it felt so weird to be introduced as an "alum" tonight. so weird.

i'm a grownup....and life as a grownup is HARD (but don't worry...i still act like a kid!)

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