Monday, August 11, 2008

what's the worst part of school?

I'm not sure why I thought going to a 2 and a half hour CPR training on a Monday night was a bright idea, but oh well...I'm glad I did it. :)

I talked to my Dad tonight about being an "adult" and I have to admit, I do miss being a college student. Sorry guys, if you think you are an "adult" in aren't. Or at least I wasn't. I was just a pretend adult. In fact, I'm still in that stage I parents are still helping me sort out my life...but life sure is different when you don't have school. You have so many other things to worry about and get in, rent, LIFE... Even though it's hard....I feel I'm growing into the woman I need to be. Very exciting. Of course, I'm not a fan of being so tired all the time. That's what I always worried about in regards to my parents...and here I am, following suit. I made fun of my dad for always going to bed at 9:30...but I find being up at 10:30 difficult now. Heck, I passed out during the opening ceremonies of the Olympics last Friday. I need to find a way to energize myself without exhausting myself....

School was great today though. Always exhausting...but the funny things the kids do always brighten my day. Have to share a story!

Today we wrote down our favorites on a chart (favorite food, color, etc). One of the questions was what's the best part of school and another one was what's the worst part of school. One of my kiddos asked me what the second question meant. I told him, what do you not like about school. We walked around the room looking and then pointed at a picture of me and friend (a caricature of us...looked cartoony) "I don't like that!" he said. I laughed out loud then frowned, "But that's me! And my friend. She was here last week." "Oh," he replied, "I like it."

:) Oh, kids.

And when I looked at the chart of one of my girls and saw under what's the best part of school my teacher, I about cried.

They make it all worth it.

Time for sleep!

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