Monday, August 18, 2008

still exhausted

each day is a new a crazy ride on an out of control roller coaster....

sometimes i feel like i'm drowning and other times i'm on top of the world. right now i just want to stay in one place without moving. this teaching thing is exhausting. everyone keeps telling me you first year is just have to push through. (i sure wish it didn't hurt so much...)

teaching is what i want to do. it makes me feel whole. but all the stuff that comes with it really saps me of my energy. i don't like it.

i did get to see my family this weekend. it was wonderful, but entirely too short. i just got to see them for less tahn 24 hours. :( i miss them already. my brother just started college today. i can't believe it! life goes by so fast. i just want to hold on for dear life.

and yet...

is it really just monday???

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