Thursday, August 28, 2008

"Ms. Cavett, we had a good day today, huh?"

today was a good day.

was it perfect? no. had a kid throw the supply tub all over the floor after getting upset

did all my kids work all day? no. had a kid lie on the floor and stomp his feet (FOR AN HOUR) instead of doing reading rotations, in response to which i simply ignored him.

did i never raise my voice? heck no. my neighbor teacher commented on the fact that she heard me yelling just as much as she was, so she didn't feel so bad. plus i yelled at a kid for throwing a pencil at another student after which she burst into tears. (she later apologized...YES!)

but it was good day.

did i see improvement in my kids behavior? yes.

did we get work done? yes.

did i have fun? yes. :)

it's beginning to sink in that teaching is one of the hardest (if not THE) hardest professions out there, and that good (even great) days are going to still be incredibly exhausting (especially with 16 5, 6 and 7 year olds running around). but there is so much joy in what i do that it makes the pain worth it (most of the time....haha)

plus i have so much support from adminstration, my fellow teachers, parents and my friends that i feel completely blessed. overly blessed.

it's days like these that make the horrible ones seem not-so bad. i think one of my first graders comments today sums today up perfectly: "Ms. Cavett, we had a good day today, huh?"

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britter said...


if i were in school again, I would want you as my teacher!

much love to you lady! if you need to decompress let me know, i'm here for you girl!

your big