Friday, October 17, 2014

Exploring Our 5 Senses

Today I wanted to share what my kids learned about our 5 senses! We spent a week talking about our 5 senses and each day I read a book focused on one sense.

The kids also colored and read an emergent reader about their 5 senses that was created by my wonderful teammate, Samantha Halbert. (I highly recommend you follow her TpT store!!)


After talking about what body parts we use with each sense, the kids completed a matching activity:

They also completed a 5 senses book where they had to draw things they can see, smell, touch, hear and taste:




To finish the week, we took our 2nd grade book buddies on a 5 senses walk where we walked around our school and used four of our five senses (no tasting! haha):



When we got back to the classroom, the kids worked together to fill out a chart of things they found. For the taste column I told them to think about lunch: 

If you enjoyed these activities, please check out my new 5 senses unit by clicking on the picture below! The first three people to comment with their emails will get a free copy! 


Anonymous said...

Looks like a great unit! Looking forward to using it as a resource!

Anonymous said...

thank you. This is wonderful

Kelly F. said...

This looks great. Love the 5 senses walk!

Lori Alford said...

Love this pack! Makes me wish I hadn't already taught five senses this year!

Kim said...

I'm sorry Lori, but I'm only giving away three today. Stay tuned for more free stuff though!