Tuesday, September 9, 2014

When We Grow Up...

Hi everyone! Today I wanted to share what my class did to learn all about community helpers. We always start the year learning about rules and authority figures. We start talking about rules and leaders in our classroom, our school and the community.

One of my favorite books to read during this unit is When I Grow Up by Al Yankovic. It is a super fun read and I love the message of it being OK to want to be lots of different things when you grow up. I love to encourage my kids to dream big!

We read lots of other books about different careers including fire fighters and police officers (always a  kindergarten class favorite!). I also invited some of our school leaders to come in and talk to the kids about their jobs. We were visited by our principal, vice-principal, librarian, reading interventionist, counselor and maintenance man! Our executive director (basically our charter school's superintendent) even came and spoke to the kids! Ever since whenever we see one of them around school, the kids love to wave and say hi! 

A couple other activities we did was matching community helpers to their vehicles and drawing community helpers we learned about:


Of course I had the kids draw what they want to be when they grow up:


During Reading the kids colored and read an emergent reader on community helpers:


My absolute favorite activity to do is a community helper craft where I have the kids decorate a cartoon picture of a job and I glue a picture of their head over the face. It looks adorable! I wish I could show you the kids' pictures, but trust me, it's too cute! (I got the cartoon pictures from edhelper.com)

To end our unit, we went to a local fire station and the kids learned all about firefighters! They had a blast!

Before we went on the field trip, I had the kids predict what they would see:


When we returned, we filled out a scavenger hunt list marking what we saw and drawing what we would look like as firefighters:


Some of these activities are in my community helpers unit! If you want to check it out, click the picture below! 

Coming Soon: Weather and 5 Senses

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