Saturday, April 5, 2014

Learning about Inventors

Still trying to get caught up on sharing what my kids have been learning about this year! A few months ago (How is it already April???) we studied different inventors. The kids loved learning about inventors and their inventions and this excitement led to them writing about their own ideas for new inventions! 

We started the week by reading a book I created for my inventors unit:

Next the kids filled out webs with the names of inventors they had learned and their different inventions:

The next few days we watched movies on Thomas Edison and Alexander Graham Bell (love Discovery Education!). The kids then did a venn diagram comparing the two:

They also did a venn diagram comparing Lyda Newman and Garrett Morgan:

To review what we had learned, the kids drew examples of what each inventor invented:

 They even drew their own examples (Dr. Frankenstein was my favorite!):

They also worked on a book where they wrote about how different inventions help us:

stop so we won't crash 

brush our hair

Finally to end the week, the kids did a writing activity where they brainstormed ideas for their own inventions:

Hope you enjoyed checking out my kids' hard work! If you like any of these activities, click on the picture below to check out my unit on TpT!

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