Thursday, May 2, 2013

New Units...FINALLY!

Hello, faithful blog readers! (If you are still out there!)

I am SO sorry I have neglected this blog. This semester has been a tough one: mixture of working full time, being a part time graduate student and dealing with crazy behavior problems in my classroom. When I get home, the only thing I want to do is lay on the couch. I promise to get back on track though!

I've already created two new units I'm excited to share with you: one on health and the other about the human body. In an effort to ask your forgiveness, I will be giving away my Human Body unit to the first FOUR people to comment and leave their emails.

Please click on the pictures below to check out previews of my new units!


AnaMarie said...

This unit looks great. It would be great activities for the Science center. I am always looking for things to put in there.
Thank you
Ana Marie

izzie said...

Wow! These units are a perfect match to the sets of common core books I recently got from Scholastic. Perfect for some end of the year learning.


Rachel said...

Love unitsThat teach about Health!

Ivy said...

Wow! The units look great.

Jenny Wu said...

Ahh.. Missed by one...

Would love to check it out..