Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Amazing Animals Part 2: Oviparous Animals

I have quite a few personal days left so I decided to take today and tomorrow off AND next monday. :) It's been wonderful BUT I do miss my kiddos. Here is some more of their wonderful work about animals.

The second week of our animal unit, we talked all about oviparous animals! We learned that oviparous animals are animals that lay eggs. Last Monday was also Dinosaur Day (part of our ABC countdown, which I will blog about soon!) so we began the week learning all about dinosaurs. We learned the difference between a herbivore and carnivore. I had my students do a revised version of Deanna Jump's dinosaur glyph activity from her Dinosaur unit. My students got choose if they liked herbivores are carnivores better to get their dinosaur. We read a non-fiction and a fiction book about dinosaurs, and they put stripes on their dinosaur if they liked the non-fiction and spots if they liked the fiction book. Finally, they made their dinosaur have a silly face if they thought they were cool and a mad face if they thought they were creepy. Here are a couple examples:

In writing we thought about what it would be like if dinosaurs lived now with us. I had my class write a story about a family who had a dinosaur as a pet. Here is one student's story:

Translation: They will take it back to the zoo. And it will lay eggs. It will eat the house up and it will sit and they will run and walk on the sidewalk. (She had great details! haha)

The rest of the week we talked about other oviparous animals like reptiles, amphibians, birds and fish. We also compared and contrasted mammals with oviparous animals. At the end of the week I had my class do an activity (that I revised for Kinder) I found on The First Grade Parade blog. Each students got to choose an oviparous animal and draw it hatching out of a cracked egg. Here are a few examples:

Stay tuned for pictures and info about our ABC countdown to summer!

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