Tuesday, May 4, 2010

my little authors

Wow. I've been really bad at this. :)

The last quarter has been amazing...only a few weeks left and then summer! I am almost finished with the end of year testing and I am very happy with where my kids are. They have worked hard and it shows! I am currently grading writing and I wanted to share a few parts of their stories. They are so funny. :) I want to leave in their spelling because it makes me smile. ENJOY!

This is a part from a story called "The Dead Snake"-
you know when I said that it coud be a dead sancke? I asked they said Yes we looked...and it was ahhhhhhhhh we scremed it was yellow it looked like a wire. it was useing camaflage (camouflage) we are still thinking about it but it is fixed

This is a story called "Diary of a Wimpy Kid" - if you can read it, you should be a 1st grader teacher!
I Red dIARY OF a WimPy kid dog days and it was fney and I Laft and it was yeLOW it sed Hlo Yuor ded and it was a fun day. (translation - I read Diary of a Wimpy Kid Dog Days and it was funny and I laughed and it was yellow. It said "Hello. You're dead." and it was a fun day.)

This story is called "Budderflys"
When it was fall break I ordered some baby catcpillers. I had to grow them-up. A few days later I saw them as pupas. There were five of them. I was surpridzed! I said "WOW" Then me and my dad put them in a budderfly tree house. A few weeks later all of them were hached! I fed them suguer water. Soon I let them go. I was sad. I said "aw man.

My favorite (well, they are all my favorite, but this one has ME in it) is called "Meeting my new teacher" - oh, and notice the spelling....AMAZING! Yes, she is a 1st grader.
First my mom said "we are going to meet your teacher." I jumped up and down because meeting a new teacher is very exiting. getting to know exactly everybody. When I asked "who is it mommy?" she said "it's a suprise." I wondered who it could be just then she said "were there." We got out of the car and we went up to the portable. We went inside. I saw that the teacher was Ms. Cavett. She had taught kindergartener to me. I was happy even though I didn't meet a new teacher. I got a good one though.

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