Friday, March 12, 2010

one more day!!!!!

Spring Break. It is finally here. All I have to do is survive ONE HALF DAY and I will have completed 3/4 of my 2nd year of teaching. Incredible.I'm feeling a lot better about life the last couple of days...I know part of the reason is I know I will be going to be with my family for the next week. But I am thankful that my mood is better.

Last night was McTeacher Night where all the teachers go to McDonald's and work while parents and kids come to eat and part of the money they spend goes to our school. I took the last shift and I was dreading it, but I ended up having a great time. Teachers are fun peopled. :) Plus, I met a really nice mom who has a son going to kindergarten next year. Fingers crossed I get him! haha

I also got several nice compliments about my teaching. One mom knew the family of a boy I had last year in kindergarten. He moved during the summer and his mom told her he was way ahead of everyone in 1st grade. She said that his mom gave me the credit. I have to be honest, the kid was very bright and I didn't have to help him much...but it still feels good to know I helped a kid. :) Also, my principal told me several people have requested their child be put in my class next year. Pretty sweet to know my reputation precedes me. haha

Now, I'll try not to have this swell my head. I know I have a gift for teaching...especially for the tiny ones. :) But I also know that I still have A LONG WAY TO GO. There are so many things I could be better at....patience, not yelling as much, reading group instruction, behavior managment.....but its good to know I have been doing something right so far.


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