Monday, February 22, 2010

feeling important to someone

I think I'm starting to understand why my moods lift so much at work. I feel needed there. I feel valued and loved. I feel important to someone. Now, don't misunderstand me....I know my family and friends love me. But honestly, when I'm alone by myself for 12+ hours....I don't believe it. sometimes i think no one even cares if I exist. I feel cast aside and forgotten and it hurts. My kids this year are so wonderful and love to learn and they just enjoy our class, it's contagious. And they love to make me laugh. I feel very loved. I just feel kind of....pathetic when I'm home and alone. Even when I'm with other people. I feel like I don't have a life outside of my work. I'm trying...but I feel so fake and useless. No one tells you how hard life after college is...or at least they don't paint a good picture. And no one told me how miserable single life about college is. I hate it.

Sorry to vent here, but I need this. I am tired of feeling like this. I really am.

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