Thursday, September 17, 2009

i need to post more :)

Man, I'm bad at this whole blogging thing this year. I guess it's because my class is so awesome I don't have many things to write about. :) That's not fair though because I should be sharing the wonderful things they do. They are really great. I'm such a glass "half empty" type person though that I'm just waiting for things to turn sour. Horrible isn't it? Instead I'm going to focus on the positive. On the funny in fact. Here are some great quotes from the last couple of weeks.

"We learned about the Silver War. You know, where Americans fought against Americans?"
(one student's response when asked what they learned about on our study trip to the Texas History Museum...she meant the Civil war. :) haha)

"We NEVER use our hands. We always use our words" (my response when one student pushed another out of his spot.)
Another one of my students responds, "Unless it's sign language, right Ms. Cavett?"

"Last year was Ms. Cavett's first year as a teacher. It was her first class. And I got to BE IN IT!" (she says this as she moves her hands dramatically up and down...she acted like being in my class was as good as winning the lottery.)

Teaching is hard. It really is. But the rewards overshadow the sacrifices by far.


But don't think I'm not counting down until my 2 week fall break....6 school days left baby!

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