Wednesday, February 25, 2009

just gotta keep laughing

today was an insanely crazy day (one meltdown, 2 bratty girls, and a very disrespectful child who won't work) BUT it ended comically so that's what i'm going to focus on. :)

so today at the end of the day i told the kids that McTeacher night (when the teachers work behind the counter of McDoanld's and a percentage of what people buy goes to our school) was next week and they freaked out. i mean, they were so excited they were rolling on the floor (doesn't take much to excite 6 year olds) one of my kiddos asked if i was actually going to work there

I said, ""
Another bright child said, "Duh! She already has a job! Hey! You should work there though!"
"I don't think so. Don't you want me to be your teacher?"
"No!" (gee great....haha)
Another kiddo says, "Wait, you should still be our teacher during the week and then work there on Saturday and Sunday. I want you to have more money!" (how sweet....haha)
"When would I rest guys?" I then say.
"OK well, you can work just on Saturday and then on Sunday you can rest and think about how nice it is to rest" she is saying all this as she sprawls out on the floor pretending to prop her feet up and put her hands behind her head.

If my kids think it only takes one day for me to rest from teaching them....they have a LOT to learn.


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