Monday, February 2, 2009

exhausted on a monday...what's new?

there is one question that haunts my little brain so much i tremble in fear:

will this job always be so draining?

the "glass half full" part of me wants to say "Oh, Kim, it's your first year. it's all downhill from here. everything will be easier."

but really, will it?

sure, i'll have more experience and know what i'm doing (sort of haha) and sure, i'll be WAY better at behavior management the more i teach....but will my love and passion for my kids diminish? never. will my frustration for uninvolved parents lessen?hah, yeah right. will the workload and expectations on teachers ever go down? doubtful.

it makes me very sad and frustrated that teaching is so hard on teachers. why is that? does it HAVE to be that way? REALLY? REALLY?!?!

sometimes i wonder if i should have gone with an "easy" major in collge like...chemistry. (HAH...just a little joke there for all the "science" majors who made fun of me for my "easy" major)


Kyle Marshall said...

Hey Kim!

I liked you're joke about chemistry and I couldn't help but comment. I can't imagine how difficult it must be for you. I know you love what you're doing but I'm sure it takes all that you have. Keep working hard though and stay focused on God. He is using you to change the lives of many young children. Without teachers no one would be where they are today.

Love you!

Freckles said...

I love you, twin! You are doing an amazing job... keep it up :)