Friday, January 2, 2009

halfway there

let me just say, this break has been good to me.

i can't say i'm not bummed i only have a few more days of freedom (i've enjoyed sleeping until my body wakes me up - i do hate alarms!) but i'm actually excited and ready for the new year to start with my kids. i have a lot of new ideas to use in my classroom and i'm excited to see how it goes. it's refreshing to get a chance to start over, yet already have a foundation with these kids. and i mean, even if it's really hard and horrible, it can't be worse than the last few months! HAH!

on a seroius note, i was up last night not being able to sleep and i began praying about my class. i realized how much i did miss my kids and how i wanted to change my view of them. i started sobbing and asked God to change my view of my kids as a challenge and a burden and just a bunch of obligations to something wonderful and hopeful. i want to see them as the blessing that they are. sure, they are a tough class, full of energy and opposition, but let's face it, that's what i signed up for. i'm a teacher. my passion is guiding young minds - and i want to get back to that.

now don't worry, i'm sure there will be plenty of "woe is me" posts to come. but at least i'm starting 2009 with a hopeful attitude.

happy new year everyone! i'm halfway done! it's all downhere from here!

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