Tuesday, December 2, 2008

the mysteries of teaching....

I've decided to ponder several of the mysteries of life on my blog here....enjoy.

Number 1. Why is that when one part of you life is looking up, another crashes down in an inferno of fire and terror. OK, perhaps a bit dramatic, but it appears this also applies to my job. The past two days have actually been quite...awesome. The kids seemed to have matured a teensy tiny bit over the break. They've been a lot better....or maybe I'm just so exhausted that I just don't care how they act anymore. :) So that's all well and good, but on the flip side, I was just ambushed today in finding out I have 6 different assessments due for each kid before Christmas break....that's 6 times 15 < 2 weeks = freaked out kim. Yeah, major suckage there. Oh well...it could be worse.

Number 2. Where do teachers get their energy from? Seriously, where does it come from? I actually worked out for the first tim in eons yesterday and my entire body feels like its been beaten and crushed by an anvil. Yet, this whole day I ran around with 6 year olds, doing soil science experiements and learning how to measure while doing reading assessments and yelling at kids to sit down....and I felt nothing. Now, that I'm home I can barely lift my arms to type on this computer. I don't understand how I'm going to get up tomorrow, let alone watch 15 children. I feel old.

I'm so profound.

16 days until Winter Break.....let the countdown begin

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bethalina04 said...

kimmy! i randomly came across your facebook today and saw you had a blog. everyone seems to have foresaken livejournal and come over to the blogspot pages! i perhaps will do that too, when i have more interesting things to write about. like employment and such, until then...i hope you are having a fabulous time doing what you love. i'm sure you're amazing at it and you're kiddos love you! just like me!
miss you honey!