Tuesday, November 18, 2008


honestly, it's amazing how kids continue to surprise me.

i have to admit, i came into work this morning with a not-so-great attitude. (SHOCKING! I KNOW!) i was still feeling sick, exhausted from no sleep last night, and really wanting to be in bed since i was used to sleeping in for the past few nights. to top that off, i get to my classroom and it's a complete disaster! no one vacuumed the night before, stuff is everywhere and i find an email on my computer telling me the cleaning staff refused to clean my room b/c it was so messy.

needless to say, i was NOT happy.

with all this, i expected my kids to be climbing on the walls, crazy, not listening, all around horrible....i was tired, fed-up, and expecting a horrific day.

i'm happy to say, the kids did NOT meet my expectations. :)

sure, they were still whiny and crazy. but it was manageable.
sure, we didn't do everything we needed to do. but hey, who cares?

they really surprised me. they gave me a much needed day of semi-rest. (or maybe i'm finally just letting their craziness roll right off me. they are 6 anyhow...i need to get a grip!)

plus, i have a goal to try and do at least 2 fun things a day with them that lift my spirits. and it's been helping.

perhaps the rest of this week won't be as smooth as today, but i can hope.

and even if it's a horrible week.....


thank GOD for thanksgiving!

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