Wednesday, October 22, 2008

this is what keeps me going...

some of my favorite quotes so far this year,

(at lunch the kids are either put on red, yellow or green for their behavior)
"Ms. Cavett we got on green! You are wearing green today. I think that's why we got it. You should wear more green."

(after getting his lunch of chicken nuggets and mashed potatoes)
"Yay, ice cream!"
"Umm...that's mashed potatoes and gravy"

"Ms. Cavett, where are your glasses?!?"
"Guys, I'm wearing contacts. I've worn them before."
"I know why you had to leave early yesterday?"
"To fix your eyes."

(after showing the kids on the pull down map where my parents live in oklahoma and telling them how sad i am that i am so far away, one of my more "energetic" kiddos pipes up)
"Well, it's a good thing you have a class that you LOVE with you here!"


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