Friday, October 3, 2008

still relaxing...

i feel incredibly spoiled. i mean a 2 week's incredible! (it sure is going by fast! already one week down!!)

i have to admit it though, i do miss having something to do everyday. i miss having work and a purpose for the day. i know i could make myself do more meaningful things, but right now all i feel like doing is laying around. i guess my body (and mind) needs that right now. i know after all this rest i'm going to go into the new quarter refreshed and ready to go.

for some reason i feel more positive about my class. i realize that it's still going to be hard...probably even harder. but i know i can make it. i've made it this far, right?

i am also afraid though. i am. sometimes i feel empowered, only to have that confidence shattered by this feeling of failure and inadequacy. what if i'm not good enough? what if i mess up? what the heck am i even doing?

i know this is where i'm supposed to be though....i have to trust in that. i have to trust in myself.

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