Thursday, October 9, 2008

my plan

it's my last night at home. and once again sleep evades me. even though i need a good night's rest for my 8 hour drive ALONE tomorrow. boo.

i find myself in such a paradox when i'm home. on one side, i'm so happy to be with my parents, i get to relax, do nothing, rest, see people i miss and love...on the other side, i'm bored out of my mind, i'm cranky, irritable, and anxious. WHAT IS WRONG WITH ME?!?!?!

this break is going by too fast. and the sad thing is, i still have 4 days left...but my mind is already on next monday, worrying about my lessons, worrying about how i'll "handle" my class. i'm so tired of this. i did that for 8 weeks...i don't want to do that for the rest of the year. SOMETHING has to change. and since i can't change my kids, i i have to change my attitude and my actions.

here's my plan for every day:
1. eat breakfast
2. pray for my day and my kids each morning
3. choose my battles wisely
5. say more positive things MORE MORE MORE! (find the good in EVERY KID)
6. reflect on what went WELL that day
7. go to my colleagues for help when i need it (RIGHT THEN!)
8. when the day's over IT'S OVER
8. do something relaxing for at least 1 hour each night (maybe 2....heh heh)
9. go to bed EARLY (by 10 30....)

i think that's a good list. and i know i won't do it every day...or even do all of them one day! but that's OK (see number 10)

now, i need to sleep. goodnight! :)

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Anonymous said...

Good plan! You can do it! :)