Monday, August 4, 2008

the first day of school

well, i did it. i made it!

it actually went a lot smoother than i thought. my class has a lot of personality (and we are still learning how to listen, but overall, it was an awesome day. i was a little (ok A LOT) stressed when the kids got picked up because i didn't know where a couple were (b/c they decided to leave with their parents without telling me), but that was all straightened out, and all the kids are safe and at home. PHEW! haha

the kids, as usual, said some pretty funny things, but i have to share one of my favorites to you
"My favorite part of today was meeting my new teacher, Ms. Cavett. You are pretty. And I like your hair. "

kids can sure boost your self-esteem when you feel exhausted! :)

day one down.....only a million to go!

(my grandmother taught for 30 years...she must have had the stamina and patience of a saint!)

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Lindsay said...

Hey Kim!

I'm so proud of you.
Kids say amazing things sometimes.=)
I've got to say this blog is really interesting. I'll have to keep reading it. =)